Our Services

We provide dietary counselling, treatment and meal plans for the conditions listed below.

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weight loss

Weight Management

(Weight Loss / Gain)

insulin resistance fat

Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome


Diabetes Mellitus

Type 1 on multiple daily injection or insulin pumps using Carb-counting

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2





Gastrointestinal Disorder

Gastro-Intestinal Disorders

liver disorder

Liver disorders or raised liver enzymes

(Fatty Liver Disease)

heart disease

Heart Disease

(Hypertension and High Cholesterol)

kidney stones

Kidney stones



renal disease

Renal Diseases

low blood sugar

Low Blood Sugar








Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome




pediatric nutrition


• Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation

• Infant and young child feeding

• Weight loss or obesity in children

• Gastrointestinal conditions

• Food allergies and intolerances

• Asthma

• Neurological conditions

nestle optifast nutrition programme

The OPTIFAST® VLCDTM Program is designed to totally replace your normal food intake in the dietary management of obesity. The OPTIFAST® VLCDTM products contain carbohydrates, fatty acids and protein, which help preserve lean body mass (muscle) while you lose your fat stores. They also contain vitamins and minerals to ensure that you are receiving all the nutrients you require.

For more information on the OPTIFAST® VLCDTM Program, please speak to your eat-well dietitian.

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12 Week Weight Loss Plan

After many years of experience in weight loss, we have decided on compiling a 12-week weight loss programme. The following is the outline of what to expect in each session:

Session 1

  • Healthy eating dietary guidelines
  • Low kilojoule menu that will guide you to make better choices in the right portions
  • Anthropometric assessment

Session 2

  • Individualised meal plan according to your body’s nutritional requirements

Follow-up Sessions

  • Education on label reading and food diary
  • Education of the different types of fats
  • Education on the different types and the role of fibre in the diet
  • Tips for eating out, beverages and alcohol use
  • Guidelines on exercise
  • Re-evaluation – Continue programme / Maintenance programme

Dietary Education

Education is given according to specific disease conditions and follow-up appointments are arranged as necessary. Group sessions can be arranged on request.

DNAlysis – The DNA Diet

Testing your own genetic makeup is one of the newest technologies available for effective weight loss. Twenty genes are tested that impact metabolism and fat loss. The results provide individual recommendations that include gene-based personalised dietary changes and an eating plan to achieve optimal weight loss according to your weight, height, and fat percentage.

Your current lifestyle, exercise, supplementation, likes and dislikes will also be taken into consideration with the implementation of the meal plan to ensure the effectiveness.

Vitality Nutrition Consultations

A dietitian registered with the Vitality Wellness Network can perform Vitality Nutrition Assessments. The assessment takes 30 minutes and includes physical measurements such as height, weight, body mass index and waist circumference.

SMART goals will be established to help you to achieve your goals. Applicable guidelines from Discovery will be emailed to you that will help support your goals. Remember to bring along your Discovery membership card.

Payment Methods

Medical aid tariffs apply and consultations can be claimed from the fund. Card facilities are available.