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Weight Loss Challenge

Eat-well Dietitians have launched a 12-week intense weight loss programme. Being a team of experienced experts in our respective fields, we aim to bring you the best personalised, healthy lifestyle guidance to improve your health and weight.

Our 12-week programme is based on three simple principles namely, Eat, Train, Maintain.

  • Guidance on achieving the ultimate dietary lifestyle for your needs and goal setting.
  • An individualised meal plan to achieve your weight-loss goals.
  • Training in healthy eating.


Maintaining your new lifestyle is no easy task, yet it is made possible with the guidance and motivation you get with the programme.

  • With each follow-up session, we can monitor your progress and guide you towards the next stage.
  • With proper dietary education, we empower you with all the necessary information to manage everyday temptations.
  • Contact sessions every two weeks, which include measuring weight, body fat percentage, waist-to-hip ratio, and education on label reading, eating out, fats, fibre, keeping a food diary, and packing a healthy lunchbox.
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