The 12 Week Intense
Weight Loss Challenge

A Personalised Programme

Eat-well Dieticians have launched a 12-week intense weight loss programme.

Being a team of experienced experts in our respective fields we aim to bring you the best personalised, healthy lifestyle guidance to improve your health and your weight.

Our 12-week programme is based on 3 simple principles, namely Eat, Train, Maintain.

food pyramid

Having the right diet is a third of the fight won, thus the Eat-Well Dietitians will provide you with:

  • Guidance on achieving the ultimate dietary lifestyle for your needs and goal setting.
  • An individualised meal plan to achieve your weight-loss goals.
  • Training in healthy eating.

Your current lifestyle, exercise, supplementation, likes and dislikes will also be taken into consideration with the implementation of the meal plan to ensure optimal effectiveness.


We work in close conjunction with biokineticists in the area. We can refer you to the most suitable biokineticist to enable you to make training part of the permanent lifestyle change.

This includes:

  • Baseline fitness assessment, body measurements and goal setting.
  • Compiling a customised training programme to fit your current fitness level and time availability to meet your goal.
  • Reassessment every 4 weeks to monitor fitness progress, measuring fat loss and muscle gain, and programme adjustment.

Maintaining your new lifestyle is no easy task, yet it is made possible with the guidance and motivation you get with the programme:

  • With each follow up session, we can monitor your progress and guide you towards the next stage.
  • With proper dietary education, we empower you with all necessary information to manage the everyday temptations.
  • Contact sessions every 2 weeks, which include measuring weight, body fat percentage, waist-to-hip ratio, as well as education on label reading, eating out, fats, fibre, keeping a food diary and packing a healthy lunchbox.

The real service that this programme provides is personalisation.
Everything is tailored to your needs. Meal plans are realistically set up and are based on what is at your disposal.

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