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As a team of vibrant and passionate dietitians, we can ensure that you not only get individual care and advice, but that your specific needs will also be addressed. Eat-well Dietitians see to the dietary needs of patients in Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital in Pretoria, where we provide dietary educations as well as nutritional support using supplementary nutrition, naso-gastric feeds and the use of TPN (total parenteral nutrition).

Our private practice in Hatfield specialises in Diabetes Mellitus, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, PCOS, Insulin Resistance, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, weight loss or weight gain, and Post Cardiovascular Surgery. We educate and inform patients in terms of their eating habits and on how to make informed decisions regarding nutrition.

The practice operates in close conjunction with the doctors, physicians, cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and diabetic specialists from Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital and general practitioners from the Hatfield area. The practice also forms part of a medical practice, Hatfield Wellness, which offers the services of a physiotherapist, clinical psychologist and orthotics and prosthetics.

Eat-well Dietitians are also proud to announce that as from the end of 2014, we are operating from the Moreleta Park Pharmacy in Moreleta Park.




I started my dietetics journey in 2003 after enrolling at the University of Pretoria for a B.Dietetics degree. I completed my degree in 2006, followed by a Community Service year at Mamelodi Hospital in 2007.

After Community Service, I was offered the opportunity to take over an existing practice at the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital in Sunnyside. My roots spread to Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital in Muckleneuk in 2008. The doors to the current Eat-well Dietitians practice were opened in 2010. The sounds of the vuvuzelas in the Hatfield Square clearly reflected the joy and excitement I felt.

I believe in providing individual attention and assistance to address personal needs, rather than a generic solution. I believe that knowledge to empower nutritional decisions has successful results and I am keen to share my scientific knowledge during consultations.

It is important for me to stay up to date with the newest research in the field of Dietetics and therefore I enjoy regularly attending short courses, workshops and seminars.
My main fields of interest and passion lie with clients with high cholesterol, heart disease, weight loss, insulin resistance, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, and assisting patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in carb counting for multiple daily insulin injections or the use of insulin pumps.



I am a dietitian who works in Paediatrics, focusing on nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, infant and young child feeding, weight loss or obesity in children, gastrointestinal conditions, food allergies and intolerances, asthma and neurological conditions.

I am an active member of the University of Pretoria Paediatric Nutrition Workgroup that reviews all the latest articles in Paediatrics for use in practice and by Dietetics students.
I am also a member of the Allergy Society of South Africa that helps practitioners stay up to date with the latest information on asthma, food allergies and food intolerances.

I am passionate about breastfeeding and children’s health, and I believe that it is important to teach parents and children about healthy eating. I try to use a practical approach when teaching about food, especially in patients who have food allergies and intolerances.



I am a registered dietitian with the HPCSA and ADSA and I am passionate about nutrition and healthy living.

I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics in 2013 from the University of Pretoria.

In 2014, I worked in clinical nutrition in a government setting at Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria while completing my community service year. My interests include lifestyle diseases (such as heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease), surgery, gastro-intestinal disorders and critical care. Other interests include weight management (weight loss and weight gain) and sports nutrition.
I gained a great deal of valuable experience during my years of study, internship and Community Service year.

I stay up to date with the latest research by reading articles and attending workshops.

My hobbies include jogging, cycling and dancing.